Are you considering studying abroad in Canada? With its world-class education system, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes, it’s no wonder Canada is a top choice for international students. Canadian colleges and universities offer a wide range of programs and opportunities for students from all around the globe. In this article, we will explore the top 25 source countries for international students in Canada and what makes studying in the Great White North so appealing.

Why Canada is a Magnet for International Students

Before diving into the list of top source countries, let’s take a moment to understand why Canada is a magnet for international students. First and foremost, Canada’s education system is renowned for its high quality. The country boasts top-ranking universities and colleges that provide cutting-edge research facilities and experienced professors. Apart from academics, Canada’s welcoming and inclusive society creates a supportive environment for international students. Canadians take pride in their cultural diversity and are known for being friendly and respectful towards people from all backgrounds. This warm reception fosters a sense of belonging and helps students feel at home during their studies. Moreover, Canada’s commitment to safety and security is another major factor. The country consistently ranks high on global safety indexes, assuring parents and students that their well-being is a top priority.


Top 25 Source Countries for International Students in Canada

  1. India: With its large population and growing economy, India sends the most students to Canada for higher education.
  2. China: Known for its strong educational background, Chinese students often choose Canada for its high-quality education and friendly atmosphere.
  3. South Korea: Canadian colleges and universities attract many South Korean students, offering a chance to experience North American culture.
  4. Vietnam: In recent years, Canada has seen a significant increase in Vietnamese students seeking to broaden their horizons.
  5. Iran: Students from Iran are drawn to Canada’s reputable research programs and peaceful study environment.
  6. Brazil: Canada’s educational institutions are a popular choice among Brazilian students due to the country’s welcoming nature.
  7. Nigeria: Known for its academic excellence, Canada appeals to Nigerian students looking to gain an international education.
  8. France: Canada’s bilingual environment and diverse culture are particularly appealing to French students.
  9. Japan: Many Japanese students opt for Canada to explore new cultures while pursuing their academic goals.
  10. Saudi Arabia: Canada’s safe and tolerant society makes it an attractive destination for Saudi Arabian students.
  11. Mexico: The proximity to home and the opportunity to improve English proficiency attract many Mexican students.
  12. Turkey: Canada’s reputation for providing quality education makes it a preferred choice for Turkish students.
  13. Colombia: Canadian colleges and universities offer excellent programs that entice Colombian students.
  14. United States: Surprisingly, some American students choose Canada for its unique academic programs and cultural experience.
  15. Thailand: Canada’s friendly atmosphere and renowned educational institutions are highly regarded by Thai students.
  16. Russia: Canada’s welcoming nature and vibrant student life attract a growing number of Russian students.
  17. Pakistan: Canadian universities provide a safe and nurturing environment for Pakistani students.
  18. Bangladesh: The opportunity to receive a world-class education drives many Bangladeshi students to Canada.
  19. Philippines: Canadian institutions are known for their exceptional programs, drawing in Filipino students.
  20. Egypt: Canada’s multiculturalism and top-tier universities appeal to students from Egypt.
  21. United Kingdom: Some British students choose Canada for its diverse programs and beautiful landscapes.
  22. Germany: Canada’s reputation for academic excellence attracts German students seeking an international experience.
  23. Spain: Spanish students opt for Canada to discover new cultures and expand their global network.
  24. Italy: The chance to study in a picturesque country with a welcoming atmosphere is attractive to Italian students.
  25. Australia: Surprisingly, some Australian students venture to Canada for a unique educational experience.

The Canadian Experience: A Journey of Growth and Discovery

Studying in Canada goes beyond acquiring a degree; it is an enriching journey of personal growth and discovery. International students in Canada not only benefit from top-notch education but also get exposed to a diverse and vibrant cultural mosaic. The experiences gained during their time in Canada contribute significantly to their personal and professional development.


Top Source Countries for Canadian Universities

Canada welcomes greater than 350,000 college students from overseas jurisdictions each year. If you need to look at at a Canadian instructional organization, maximum foreign nationals have to apply for a examine permit.

India, China, and the Philippines are the pinnacle 3 maximum critical assets of global college students to Canada, the cutting-edge Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) facts reveals.

Last year, India’s significance as a supply of international college students grew once more, by means of 33.6 in step with percent, as 226,450 Indian college students were given look at permits to come to Canadian schools and universities, up from 169,460 the previous yearr.

With that boom in Indian college students in Canada, they now incorporate extra than forty one per cent of the total of 551,405 global students in the usa.
In 2nd vicinity inside the list of pinnacle 10 most essential resources of international students to Canada, China provided 52,165 study allow holders in Canada remaining yr, down slightly from the fifty five, 900 the preceding 12 months and stale 38.6 in line with cent from the record high of eighty four,980 Chinese students in Canada in 2018.

In the 0.33 spot, the Philippines despatched 25,380 college students to Canada in 2022, a spike of almost seventy six in keeping with percent over the 14,365 Filipino have a look at allow holders in Canada the previous year.

Together, those three nations provided 303,995 worldwide students to Canada’s publish-secondary institutions remaining 12 months, nicely over half of of the full quantity of observe allow holders, 55.1 in step with cent, within the united states of america.

Despite its lengthy border with Canada, the US supplied best 7,060 international college students to Canada ultimate yr, less than the an awful lot-smaller us of a of France which supplied sixteen,725 international students in 2022 and got here inside the fourth spot.

The United Kingdom, which has traditionally performed a very important position in the development of Canada and nevertheless has official ties to the united states of america, simplest supplied 2,290 international students to Canada in 2022.

Nigeria Was The Fifth Most Important Source Of International Students To Canada Last Year
Rounding out the top 5 most vital assets of international students is one of the entrepreneurial hubs of Africa, Nigeria, who sent Canada sixteen,195 global college students closing 12 months, up dramatically from nine,530 the previous 12 months.

The Middle Eastern U . S . A . Of Iran supplied 13,525 global students to Canada last year, South Korea any other 11,535, Japan 10,955, and Mexico 10,405.

The final USA to make it in that pinnacle 10 list turned into Colombia within the northern part of South America which contributed 10,one hundred fifty international students to Canada in 2022.

Colleges and universities in Canada enjoyed a monetary raise last yr as the number of worldwide students within the united states of america swelled by using 24.2 in keeping with cent to hit a file-breaking 551,405.


Studying abroad in Canada is a transformative experience that opens doors to new knowledge and opportunities. The country’s rich culture, safe environment, and high-quality education make it an attractive destination for students worldwide. Whether you’re interested in exploring breathtaking landscapes, engaging with a diverse community, or pursuing cutting-edge research, Canada has something unique to offer. So, pack your bags, embrace the Canadian spirit, and embark on an unforgettable academic journey in the land of maple leaves and warm welcomes.


Is studying in Canada expensive for international students?

Studying in Canada can be more affordable compared to other popular study destinations. Tuition fees and living expenses vary based on the program and location, but Canada offers a range of financial assistance and scholarships for international students.

Can international students work while studying in Canada?

Yes, most international students with a study permit can work on or off-campus while studying. This opportunity allows them to gain work experience and supplement their finances.

How can international students adapt to the Canadian lifestyle?

Adapting to the Canadian lifestyle involves being open-minded and respectful of cultural differences. Engaging in campus activities and local events can help students integrate into the community.

What are the post-graduation opportunities for international students in Canada?

Canada offers various post-graduation work permit programs, allowing international students to gain Canadian work experience after completing their studies.

What are some popular fields of study for international students in Canada?

International students often pursue degrees in engineering, business, computer science, health sciences, and social sciences, as these fields offer excellent academic and career prospects.