Faster student conversion, cleverer work, and 100% commission

Make your counsellors more efficient so they can maintain student satisfaction. We also assure a 100% commission throughout.

Our Partner Institutions

Flawless Collaboration

Edu Mandate team fosters flawless collaboration, enabling seamless communication and coordination for effective educational initiatives.

World-Class Productivity

Edumandate team excels in delivering world-class productivity solutions, empowering educational institutions to achieve peak performance and success.

Direct partnership

We support study abroad agencies in establishing direct partnerships with Canadian institutions.

100% Commission

You receive 100% of any commission fees that an institution will pay.
“No Catch,Real Deal”

Limited institutions, Country focused

The key to achieving great results is to collaborate with a small number of institutes, giving priority to a small number of them.

Faster processing

One team replaces multiple ineffective methods.

Growth With Edu Mandate

Maximize your commission

You are entitled to complete transparency and access to the earnings of your hard work.

100% Commission

You receive 100% of everything an institution rewards for placing a student. We simply facilitate quick and simple payments.

Bonuses for Institutions

Increase your revenue by taking advantage of incentives offered by institutions for placing a large number of students with them.


Get full transparency over exactly what you can earn in commissions from each institution.


Recommending appropriate course options, the finest ones you are entitled to complete transparency, and access to the earnings of your hard work.

Advanced Personalized course Search

We are a group of educational specialists who can help you on a case-by-case basis with programme availability and suitability, saving you money on application costs at various institutions.

Course List growing as per demand

Our dedicated partnerships team works tirelessly to secure agreements with leading and popular institutions that your student will love.


Get full transparency over exactly what you can earn in commissions from each institution.


Working with us is easy and simple, making your experience seamless and hassle-free

Applications more quickly than ever

Simplify the most difficult aspects of hiring by letting us handle the work tasks.

Portal free application

Say goodbye to the more AI-focused Portal. By allowing our teams of specialists to select the best course for your students, you may reduce your labor-intensive task. Upload documents to a Google Form and your job is done.

Admission support/Document manager

Ensure quality handling of applications without the need for deep expertise, reducing rejection rates.

Mobile access

 To submit applications, use a smartphone. With the help of our team of specialists, manage application procedures swiftly. You can also follow the status of an application via WhatsApp for simple communication.


“Ready to take the leap? Book your appointment now to become our esteemed agent partner for study abroad programs. Let’s embark on a rewarding journey together! “

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